Thursday, January 13, 2011

Man I wish this week was over!!!!!

So I am entirely sick of this miserably cold weather and all of the stress it causes me.

 It is currently -37c  (-34f  for those of you using the real system of measurement, not metric) and there is a wind that makes it feel like -45, oh and is snowing.....AGAIN.   We have had easily 2 feet of snow this week and while that isn't alot compared to most places it feels like more when it is this cold.

Since it is so cold nothing wants to work right.  The loader won't start so we have been trudging through the snow to do chores.  The stock waterer that I worked so hard to winterize has frozen up, not because I did a poor job but because the bowl decided to have a pinhole leak in the bottom and unbeknowst to me, it was slowly dripping water into the base and culvert which has now frozen about 4' down.  That is going to be so much fun to unthaw tomorrow......thank god for the tiger torch. 

On a much more positive note, I am getting my hair did in the morning.  A cut and color by the greatest hair dresser in the world.  My wonderful middle daughter M is getting her graduation pictures and my hubby is coming home for the weekend.  He hasn't been home for 2 weeks and it will be good to see him.

I am also very happy for S's basketball team that played tonight and won their game with a convincing score of  42 - 30.  She took her new Canon Rebel and the kids took a bunch of pictures.

I am told that this shot was not planned (I call bullshit) but this is most of the girls team watching their boys team annihilate the other team 51-7 and that was making the starting line sit for 3/4 of the game and letting the juniors play.  My S is number 6 in the line. 
She is so serious about basketball.

When she went to basketball camp the called her Goon because she took this stance with everyone, whether they were 6" taller or 50lbs heavier.  She is really great at causing turnovers.

Basket #1 - nice form!

Basket #2 - Not quite as pretty (according to her) but worth points.

Basket #3 - This one was nice...that girl is about 6" taller than her.

This is my girl.  She lives for basketball, it is the only school sport she plays and wishes it lasted all year.  She is leaving tomorrow at noon (after writing her science midterm) to go to a weekend basketball tournament in Peace River which is about an hour away.  If the weather isn't to bad I am hoping that hubby an I can go watch on Saturday.  I am probably dreaming because they are forecasting a few more inches each of the next three days but we will see.

So ending this on a positive note after whining miserably at the start of this post have a great night and wish with me that it warms up.

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