Sunday, January 16, 2011

So it's Sunday and.....

It is still snowing and cold.  I do believe there should be some kind of a rule about snow and cold.  If it is going to snow in insane quantities it should be warm, about -5c not this -25 garbage.  My animals hate it, I hate it and we are all tired of it.

These are the 2 4-H steers that my girls will be showing in June.  They are looking good but seem to dislike thier calf shelter.  I think they sleep outside because the can see the other weanlings we are feeding in the other pen.  They really love the people attention as well.

This was a 4 wire fence before the snow.

This is the shortest snow pile in the yard beside the hay pen.  I am getting tired of shoveling my steps, the feed troughs and the paths to the feed sheds. On the plus side, shoveling is good for your abs and arms if you want to build some muscle.

This is just a group of my ladies headed from the waterer over to where the tractor has just placed some new round bales, they are sick of the snow to.   

This is Charlotte, she is the leader of the pack and you can tell how unimpressed she is with the snow.

Even the horses don't look terribly impressed.

This is Frank & Kenworth, our very overweight goats.  They are the sweetest, they are on thier wayup to the house for a sunday treat of bread and baking.  What we do for our animals.

This is my horses bragging that they are out of thier pen while we feed, they were prancing around and were pretty proud of themselves until our Jack Russell herded them back into the pen.

I just love how the snow piles up of the fence posts.  It just looks pretty.  This by the way is a 5 plank fence made out of 2x10's with 6" spacing between the planks so do the math.  We have lots of snow.

On the plus side, the snow is sure pretty to look at, this is my driveway which I actually can get out of right now, to much snow. 

That little pile of snow is my picnic table sitting on our cookout deck.  There are also 2 benches that you can not even see.  I can't wait for summer when we can get back to some serious bbq and marshmallow roasting.

I also cancelled a trip today that I was really looking forward to taking.  I was supposed to go to Edmonton (4 hours away) for a conference for the school board.  I got up this morning and drove the 28 km to town and decided that I was not going to risk life and limb for a four hour drive.  They roads were terrible and I am really glad I did not go.  I listened to our local radio station this evening and there have been some terrible accidents (no fatalities, thank God) and the police have even closed some highways because of bad driving conditions.  Obviously my choice was the right one.  The only downside to this is that I was booked to stay at the Fantasyland Hotel in West Edmonton Mall.     If you ever to get to Edmonton, Alberta you really should check out this hotel and the mall.  It has the best roller coaster.


  1. Thanks for coming over and joining my minions! I hope I don't disappoint!


  2. It is good you didn't drive in bad weather. I used to live in Calgary, so I know what snow is all about! All we can do is wait and pray for an early spring.

  3. Tammy. .welcome to your own blog!! It's brought me more delight than I could have imagined!! However. .after reading yours. .I will STOP (maybe) griping about the cold weather here. .because 1 degree is sounds much warmer than -32 YIKES!! How DO you stand it. Must say that my 8 year old (who wandered by checking on his mom who didn't get out of bed this morning because of a yucky fever and chills) was TOTALLY impressed by the amount of your snow. .mind if I shoot him up there on a plane for a week or so?? Hope you thaw out sooon!