Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On a happier note!!

Today has been a long day but I am sitting here tonight feeling a little better about the situation around us.  I heard from Mark tonight and while the fire he is on is still out of control they feel they have made some headway.  They have managed to make the fire guard big enough today that it should miss the settlement it was headed for.

I had a school council meeting tonight and it was very positive.  The school has done a great job of supporting the children during this crisis and we have such a great town.  We are currently housing over 1200 evacuees (the total population of our town is 2200 people) and everyone is working together to keep them fed and sheltered. 

Which brings me to my really happy note.  This weekend was my middle daughters graduation.  Even though Mark had to leave to a fire not long after it started it was a great day and my daughter looked beautiful.  I hate to say it but I am going to post a bunch of pictures which you may find boring but I am so proud of her that I just have to show her and her boyfriend off.  So here goes.........

This is Michelle, my oldest daughter Nikki (the one with the tattoo) my neice Kelsey and my nephew Tyler just before they broke in to the traditional bottle of Baby Duck

 This is Mitchi getting her diploma from her school principal.
Mitchi had the priviledge of speaking for the rose ceremony honoring the parents.

This is one of Michelle's best friends Hillary.  She is also a cousin.

This is Michelle and her boyfriend with great nephew Cager.  This little boy loves Michelle so much.

Into the Baby Duck!!!

Michelle and Trent

Michelle and her other best friend Jessica.  She has went to school with these girls for 13 years.

Michelle and Trent with his little sisters.

Michelle with her Grandma Eve and Nanny Linda.  Unfortunately she has no grandpas left.

Starting to get her glow on at the dance. (literally)

Jessica, Michelle and Hillary with thier princess wands.

Looking pretty happy here!

It's the end of the night and she is still smiling.  She wasn't smiling quite so big the next morning as she put alot of effort into making sure the bar run out of raspberry sour puss.  Crazy girl.  Trent took her hair out when they got home, she had 83 bobby pins in her hair.  I hope she knows what a great boyfriend he is, not every man would do this.

So that is the happy highlight of my weekend. 


  1. Nice pictures. I was reading the previous post and wasn't aware of the fires up north. I'll keep those firefighters in my prayers.

  2. Very nice pictures. That is awesome!!!!

  3. Where in the world did she manage to put EIGHTY THREE bobby pins?? Great pictures and congrats to all! Glad the fires are a little better..or maybe the solution is just a little better! Good luck