Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our whole world is on fire!

It has been a long time since I have logged on and just when I thought my world would settle a bit we had a fire. This is actually a little bit of an understatement, so far there have been over 10000 people evacuated from thier homes in our area.  The town of Slave lake has lost over a third of its town to fire.  7000 residents have been evacuated from that town alone.    It is such a sad time but as an Albertan I am proud of the people and the support they have already provided for the people and communities we live in. 

My husband has been running equipment on these fires since last Thursday and he has already been on 7 different fires.  Some of which they have been called off because there was nothing more they could do.  We had 80 -100 kn winds for 2 days and they had to put lives before property and just let the fires burn in many places.  I haven't heard from him in a few days now because there is no cell reception where he is now.  No news is good news though.

This is a YouTube link to a video showing some of the pictures from the towm of Slave Lake.  We have family and firends who have lost thier home in this fire.  Please pray for everyone who has been touched by this devestation.  (I don't know how to have the video show up in my blog so I just put the link in)

Here are a few other pictures from the fire areas.  My daughter took a couple of these pictures when she was driving home from High Prairie to Edmonton on Sunday before the road was closed.

The second picture shows a residential area in the town of Slave Lake that was destroyed.  Over a third of thier town has burned including a major portion of thier downtown core.  Very sad.

The third picture shows the fires bruning in our region.  There is one fire that is burning about 10 kilometers from our home but at this point it is being held and it would have to jump the river before it got to us.  It is quite windy today so we are keeping a close watch but the girls and I are ready to fight fire if needed and have already loaded our holiday trailer with valuables (pictures, etc.) in case we need to move. 

The odds of this are slim and I am not worried but it made the girls feel better to be prepared since the smoke got so bad yesterday at our house. 

Please pray for all of the people that are now homeless and the people living in shelters waiting to return to thier homes.


  1. Oh wow. Fires like that suck. We are going through the same thing here in Texas right now due to the drought we have been having.

  2. Oh Tammy. .I am SOOO sorry. .will keep you and yours in our prayers!! Please keep us posted!