Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crazy time coming up.....hopefully things settle down.

So this seems to be the most crazy month of the year. most people think December make life hectic but for me it is the month of June.  This weekend is our 4-H beef achievement day and sale.  I am a general leader so my day will be crazy with paperwork and numerous other projects.  I was able to hand off the picture taking this year which will be really nice.

This is a picture of Michelle's steer that she will be showing.  He looks very different now as he has had a hair cut and a has put on some more pounds.  These are the pictures that we took a few months ago to put in the sale flyer. (Well let me rephrase that - I would put a picture up but it will not let me load it.  Says it is rejected)

So on Saturday night we get finished and then I have to jump in my vehicle for a 5 hour drive to Red Deer for 3 days of conferences for the school division.  On this note I am happy to say that our schools in Slave Lake start taking kids again tomorrow.  Hopeful we will see a large number return to finish out the year, I think with all of the craziness in thier lives school would be the one normal thing they could return to.  Even if they don't accomplish much it would help them return to life a usual (almost).

When I get back next week I have two days of work at the office alone and then we have our horse achievement day, the girls will both best testing for levels and then we get to go ona nice trail ride.  I am looking forward to his.

This leaves us with the final week of school before exams which means convincing my kids it is important ot keep going to school even when it seems like summer has started.  This also means it will be our 4-H awards night for this year.  I hate to say it but I am really looking forward to it being over this year.  I actaully can't wait. 

Once this is done we have final exams and then we immediately start the process of moving Michelle to Grande Prairie where she needs to find a job and get ready to start school in September. 

Let it be said:  I HATE JUNE!!!!!  It is the most stressful month of the year. 

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  1. I remember 4H time and how crazy it was. Ours was always in July, so we had a little more time after school to finish up.