Friday, June 10, 2011

My beautiful family, when they are not dressed like farm kids!

So we are 2 weeks away from being done school for another year.  In saying this Shelley is going to be starting two courses in summer school on July 4th.  She is taking CALM and science 10 through the     St. Pauls Learning Academy so it will be a very busy month for her in July.  Both courses need to be done by July 28th so between babysitting every second week and school she will have a very hectic month. 

Michelle writes her last high school exam ever on the 17th and is counting the days to being done.  They have been writing practice diploma exams this week and she has done great on all of them so she is pretty confident going into her exams next week.  Her and Trent have been looking at apartments in Grande Prairie and are getting thier plans made to move.

Nikki is graduating from the Evelyn Charles Academy next Saturday and will the be a certified estitician that is certified to work in over 50 countries.  She is excited to be done and starting working.  It has been a very long year of going to school and working part time with no extra spending money.

With all of the this going on I am counting the days until summer starts.  We have our horse 4-H achievement day tomorrow so it is going to be a long day in the sun tomorrow.  I have my hat ready and for the sake of my health (lupus be damned) I am going to stick to the shade as much as I can.

I got a call from Jodi at A Thousand Words Photography today and Michelle and I went to look at the pictures that she took at our photoshot after graduation a few weeks ago.  I was shacked at how much my girls look alike.  If Shelley had dark hair they could be triplets.  I just loved some of the special effects that she applied to some of the pictures.  I am going to post some of the pictures just so you can see how beautiful my daughters are.  (I am a little biased)

I think these pictures turned out amazing and the one where she is alone is my absolute favorite.  She just looks so happy and relaxed.  The next 2 pictures are of Michelle and Trent.  I think these are really nice as well.   I apologize for my nasty picture, I hate getting my picture taken.  I can probably count on one hand how many pictures there are of me in the last 20 years. 

 Well I had better get to bed, we need to have horses loaded and be out of the yard by 7:30.  It is going to be a long day.


  1. Those are some awesome pictures.

    And I remember doing 4H when I was a kid, good times.

  2. I agree with you, I think that they are all amazing looking.

  3. Great photos.... I always say about mine... they clean up well!!!! ;)