Monday, August 8, 2011

Betrayal at it's finest!!!!!

So again, I apologize for my lack of blog entries.  It seems that I may be someone who posts occasionally but reads lots and comments some. 

That being said, today is going to be a blog of a different kind because I am mad, nope, let me rephrase that.   I AM FUCKING LIVID!   For anyone who doesn't want to be a part of my anger I ask you to move on now because at this time I am going to exibite my ugly side.  This may also be a long post, sorry!

I have spent most of my life around horses, rodeo and the farming lifestyle.  I have raised my children in this lifestyle and they love it the same way that I do.  There is a little back round to this story that must be shared before I can get to the source of my anger, most of which is positive. 

In April of this year my middle daughter Michelle decided to run for Rodeo Queen in the pro rodeo we hold every year in our town.  All of my kids ride and the younger two love horses and everything involving them.  Michelle has showed, run barrels and participated in anything horse related ever since she was old enough to sit on a horse.

There were 3 other girls competeing against Michelle in this competition, 2 (Morgan & Sky) who she has known most of her life and 1 (Jessica) from another town nearby.  In May of this year the 4 girls competed in the 1st section of the competition which was public speaking. In July the girls competed in 2 different horsemanship events, reining on this first day with thier own horses, and western pleasure and horsemanship with supplied horses on the other.  The last portion of the competition involved selling as many 50/50 tickets as possible with this being used as a tie breaker if needed. 

Let it be said, it was a fairly close competition throughout, even without knowing the scores until after crowning, we knew that ticket sales would be very important.   So to sum up the happy part of this story, Michelle worked her ass off and won the competition.  Here are a few pictures of her taken by a local photographer from our area.

I would like to say that I think my daughter is beautiful and she deserved to win. 

So on with my story.   I have always been a big believer in letting my girls do stuff on thier own and only getting involved when they are in over thier heads.  So when Michelle decided to run for Queen I said Go to it! but I would not sell tickets for her or phone the co-ordinator when she needed information.  As far as I am concerned all of these kids are at least 16 and should be able to do it themselves but then again maybe my parenting style is a little different than the other girls parents.

The scores at the end of the day left my Michelle with a 3rd in public speaking (a bit of a surpise because she did really well), she placed 1st in both riding competitions (if you watch the videos, it is clear that she was definately the better rider) and she sold the most tickets (by 17)  The judges in all of these competitions were people who really had no biases about any of the girls so I think it was a fair race.  Every girl got to see everyone's scorecards so they knew how and why the placings were the way the were.

This takes us to the girl who was crowned Princess.  Morgan has know Michelle most of her life and they travelled together during high school rodeo.  Her response to placing 2nd was to not only be rude to Michelle and the orgainzers but to make accusations about cheating in the competition.  This happened during the whole competition but was ignored by the organizers.  Michelle handled this very maturly and just felt sad that Morgan felt that way.

My problem lies with the process in this contest and also the way someone who I thought was my friend reacted to Michelle winning this competition.  I am going to call her BSB (back stabbing bitch) for the rest of this BSB.  When the girls were given tickets to sell, thier goal was to sell as many as possible so Michelle got in her car, drove around our community selling to family and friends and local business.  I bet she spent $300 in gas to sell these tickets!  I never sold a ticket for her, but occasionally I would go with her for her drive arounds just because it was a visting opportunity but as far as I was concerned she wanted to be queen so she could sell the tickets.  Shortly after the competition started it came to our attention that the other girls had dropped thier tickets off at a few local businesses to sell for them.  Michelle came to me with this concern and I said to take it up with the co-ordinator of the contest.  When she did, the response was that there was nothinbg that could be done because there was nothing in the rules preventing this.  Around the same time a local business that one of my good friends owned offered to sell Michelle's tickets for her and she flatly refused, stating that she would sell them properly or not at all.  She sold $4800 dollars in 50/50 tickets by knocking on doors.  (Awesome as far as I am concerned)

Getting back to BSB, her and her husband have been our friends for over 20 years, they have babysat our kids, my husband was best man at thier wedding and overall I thought she would be supportive of Michelle's bid to win this competition.  Well holy fuck was I wrong!  This couple own the local seasonal ice cream shop in our town and Morgan was thier employee this year starting in May.  I should have know BSB would be a problem at some point in time after the first comment to me but of course I like to think the best of people.  Boy did I learn my lesson.

In the middle of June, well into the competition, I went into the ice cream store to buy a cone and was visiting with BSB.  She at this time said "tell Michelle not to bother asking me to buy tickets because I have to support Morgan, she is my employee."  OK, now tickets were 1 for $5 or 3 for $10 dollars and you would think that maybe she could have afforded to buy a some from both girls but that is her choice and she made it very clear to me.  I promptly went home that night and told Michelle not bother selling to BSB or her husband because they were supporting Morgan.  My husband was a little surprised at this but never said anything.

 A few days latter I went in for ice cream again (yeah I know, but it is so good) and thier were for or five signs through out the store advertising rodeo queen tickets for sale in the store for Morgan.  Wow, nothing like trying to win a competition. 

That doesn't matter, Michelle worked her ass off and sold the most tickets and won the crown.  So guess what BSB did in reaction to this.    She went on facebook and posted the following posts.

Cheaters make me SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         and      If you can't play fair, don't play at all!!!!!!!!!

I am making a few assumptions here, but Morgan has been going around our small town saying that the competition was fixed and obviously Tina feels the same way.  My big issue is this.  What the fuck is a 35 year old woman doing posting this kind of shit on facebook about something she knows nothing about.  She has never sat on a fucking horse, and she sold tickets for Morgan for 3 months while Michelle was out busting her ass selling on her own.  If the fucking bitch has something to say she should get some balls and pick up the phone and call me or Mark rather than being a spineless bitch and posting shit like this on facebook.

Michelle has handled this very well and chose to ignore it (I raised her right) but I am having a hard time not waling into the ice cream store and telling her what a back stabbing, ignotrant C*#@ she is. 

So my question is this, should I do or say anything? 

Any feedback would be appreciated.


  1. Well you have every right to be pissed off. As for what to do, I am not sure how to handle that. Of course the inner asshole in me says call her ass out.

  2. The little bitch on my shoulder says I should do just that but then the angel on the other side says don't waste you time and lower yourself to her level. I think I will sit back and see how it plays out. Michelle says she will handle it when the time is right.

  3. First of all. .good for you!! The way you have raised your children is speaking very loudly right now!! For 16 years old, she seems very mature!! Secondly, Facebook seems to be a gathering place for people to say vaguely for the world to read, what they are scared to say in detail to the other person's face. .cowardly to say the least. As a mom myself, it is hard to be accused of doing things the right way in a world where most people want to do the slack off thing or the easiest thing to get them by. Little consolation as it is. .my advice is to take the highroad. .You and your family know that Michelle won fairly. .don't waste your breath on the ex-friend. .it will just make you feel worse about the situation. .And anyone that knows Michelles character already knows the truth. .those people are the ones that REALLY matter to you!! God is taking this opportunity to build character (painful as it is)Model to your kids a positive way to deal with difficult people! Praying for your wisdom and peace!! Good luck!

  4. I'd like to say that I would adopt your daughter's attitude on this and ignore it. In reality I would probably make an ass of myself and embarrass my child while doing it. Better off to leave it alone, unless it escalates. If it escalates then you should definitely address it.

  5. I am so sorry to read this as it is marring the joy and happiness that should come with your beautiful daughter's win.

    If I was placed in that situation, I would be livid, but then I would just let it slide. There is no point engaging with someone who is not being fair.

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  6. when it comes to contests with kids, parents are usually the root of all problems. You gotta just roll with it.. some people are just not worth it.

  7. "Small Town", I bet everyone already knows the truth. Let it go, you'll look like the better person. Having raised three kids, as long as it's not bothering your daughter, let it go "MOM".

  8. Small Town is acurate. As a mom I did as everyone suggested and just let it go! Michelle doesn't seem to care so I am not going to either.

    On a much happier note, she has done some public appearances and has had a great time.

  9. Good for Her !!! Sometime we just need a good rant. I have to laugh, you stopped by my blog, "Welcome" and became a follower. So I wanted to return the favor and and visit yours.... This post is my first visit, pretty spunky !!! LOL So I'm thinking this could be a fun one to follow...;-)))

  10. Hmmm.

    I would probably just take the same route as your daughter. Otherwise she'll just post on FB again, this time about you, and it'll get ugly(er) real quick.

    OR... you could put her in one of those rodeo barrels and let the bull at her.

    Just sayin'

    Could go either way :)

  11. Nodding my head in agreement with Julianna.

  12. I think you have raised a wonderful daughter to just let it go. I would let it go but remember BSB and probaly never talk to her again. It really is her loss. It amazes me how people can react so badly and hurt people. Sorry you have had to go through this.

  13. I don't like that lady (using the term "lady" loosely) and i don't even know her. I'd hate to know here. What in the world does she find unfair about how the contest was managed?

  14. nice post thanks for sharing looking for to visit more...blessings

  15. I agree your daughter is beautiful. My aunt lives in a small town and has 2 local businesses and deals with the same type of backstabbing. I know it would feel good to confront her but it seems like she's trying to draw you in to get you upset. I think the best way to beat her is to be graceful and in her face about it. She's immature and obviously was a great frenemy to you all these years.